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Bienvenue sur le site web de Poirier Films - Poirier Films

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Poirier Films est une société de production audiovisuelle de création récente. Nous produisons en priorité des films documentaires sur des sujets choisis en commun avec la réalisatrice Inga Lavolé-Khavkina.  

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Le film "Un demi-mètre carré de Liberté", réalisé par Inga Lavolé-Khavkina, produit par Poirier Films a été projeté pour la première fois à Paris, sur invitations le 26 octobre.


Yesterday, was the first screening of the movie "Half a Square meter of freedom", directed by Inga Lavolé-Khavkina, at the City Hall of the 3rd arrdt in Paris.  This private screening, by invitation, gathered around 80 people, representing a large variety of spectators, among which a few protagonists of the movie.

The movie was very warmly received with numerous rounds of applause. Spectators were impressed by the innovative way the movie presented prison and prisoners through the prism of the art that they create. They found the open way in which inmates spoke of their relation with art particularly moving. The director was able to record inmates in the most natural way, allowing them to express themselves openly. They also complemented the editing and artistic direction.

We express our thanks to all those who made the completion of this project possible: the artists working in prison, Caroline Delépine and Jean-Marc Le Bruman who welcomed us in their workshops in prison; the prison administration, particularly its communication department and the prison governors in St Maur and Réau and the staff of those prisons; Etienne Madranges who introduced Jean-Marc Le Bruman to us; the artists, former inmates, such as Berthet One and Jean-Claude Pautot; and the inmates artists, still behind bars; the representatives of Art and Prison in Berlin and particularly its president Peter Echtermeyer whose dedication to bring beyond the walls artistic creations completed behind bars was the catalyst starting this experience, the curator of the Art and Prison exhibition, Cornelia Harmel, and Annette Oberdieck, who represented Art and Prison at the screening; and the representatives of The Koestler Trust. Of course, we also extend special thanks to the team who helped this movie come through: Shay Katz, artistic director, editor, Thierry Bertomeu, sound mixer, Didier Feldman, colorist.

But we must mostly congratulate the director, Inga Lavolé-Khavkina, for her determination in bringing to light an unrecognized art in the most sensitive way.

Bruno Lavolé, Producer

P.S.: The screening was organized by Art et Prison France. Thank you Karin for helping in the organization and Rudolf for your support.

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